What happened:

Damn, im still mad b/c of the boxes, the fuckin KY people opened! I hope ef takes care of it pretty soon. At least they promise that all the time! Brandon from the Boston office even called Nina and dared to involve the cops! How crazy!
Besides....I'm not in the modd to type german for right now. That's what i did for the last couple of hours, while writing e-mails to like everybody...practicing typing for computer aps. aswell. Computer APS: PP.presentation about andrew jackson with brandi knappen today...was pretty good. Americans have no clue how to deal with Power point. I tought what the hell are you doing, girl?!! :D
This week they gave out the Yearbooks and everybody let them sign form everybody else. One is like $60! And , how nice, my favourite teacher coach skelton bought me a yearbook! I loved it. Now i had something to sign too. This teacher is lessons are so interessting. I really love history now. haha
and today skelton told me that there is a reanactment of the civilwar in bristol , tn may 12th, he asked me if oi would like to participate! that would be so much fun! i would love it. we'll see.
emma is back from hawaii and she met niina there. her new slogan: hawaii is awesome...yay! sophia is back from cali, im gonna call her this weekend.

20.4.07 03:24

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