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On April 23 2007

Originally, I started with a case nearest to myself, thinking that I and my own daughter was one of the most unfortunate one to have run into such a terrible host family, irresponsible and incompetent area representative, irrresponsible sponsoring company and bad practices in its management of the student's affairs.

Since writing my case in this blog, I have been receiving new cases of similar or even more serious nature everyday! Yes, new cases every day. At this date, I might reach the target of 1,001 cases sooner than I thought. I will bring up many of the cases here, if the information I received would not impact the confidentialities or the on-going investigation or prosecutions.

When one of the exchange student got in some trouble, the sponsoring agencies, the area representatives and the host families, and even some officials at the US Department of State always claimed that to be the rare exceptional cases of the misbehaved or ill-adjusted exchange students, thus, simply send the students home and ignore all the complaints and the criminal acts of those people involved.

Now, as the cases mounted, they are becoming the norms rather than the exceptions. This time honored means of friendship and understanding between the American and people of the world is being willfully undermined by some protiteering individuals. I do hope that the agency involved directly, the US Department of State will, somehow, take a more serious look into this matter.

A Concerned Natural Father of an Unfairly treated Exchange Student.

The "6th, 7th and 8th Cases" of Student Exchange Student Rule Violations in the U.S.

On February 10 2007

The "Sixth" Case of Violaton of Foreign Exchange Students in the US

On January 20 2007

Since Stanley Colvin said there were only 5 out of 250,000 cases of violation of rules of exchange students in the US reported. Please considerthe following as a report of the Sixth cases involving 4 foreign students.

Ms. Elizabeth Dickerson

Re: EF Foundation for Foreign Study (EF)

Dear Ms. Dickerson:

For one month, the following four students resided in the home of EF area representative: Betty Napier in Harlan, Kentucky. At present, all but Camilla still resides in the home of Betty Napier.

Thomas Haller -- Austria

Anna Schmidt -- Germany

Marcelo Pistarino -- Brazil

Camilla Cardoso -- Sweden

As you are aware, per the Federal Regulations:

Section 62.25 (d)(3) "Ensure that no organizational representative act as both host family and area supervisor for any exchange student participant."

Section 62.25(l)(ii) "Under no circumstances may more than two exchange students may be placed with one host family."

Yesterday, Thomas Haller received a Probation Letter for eating too many donuts ; yet EF Foundation obviously sees no fault in their own mistakes. Probation Letter was initiated by a Brendan Cooney of the Cambridge, MA office with a date of no later than January 24, 2007 for student to sign.

Thank you for addressing this very serious matter.


The 7th Cases:

Posted on Wed, Jan. 24, 2007
Ex-local official gets 6 to life in child-sex case

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