Doppel Wahnsinn! was hier so rauskommt.

emma hat eine mail von pamela an ef gefunden...auf carolyn crowhursts computer/inbox: sehr interessant!

Dear Nicole,

On August 31st, we sent an e-mail to Carolyn Crowhurst
advising her that we would no longer be able to
provide a host home for Anna Schmidt after September
8th. That date has passed and no action has been
Although we clearly stated that we were not available
to host a student this year, at EF's urging, we agreed
to arrival Anna so she could begin her year in
America. This coming Tuesday September 19th will be
six weeks. We have tried every acceptable option we
could find to provide a host family for Anna with no
success. At this point, we are disappointed with the
apparent lack of effort on the part of EF to help us
find a suitable home for Anna.
We have been faithful supporters of the EF program for
more than six years and have personally hosted five
students ourselves. We are now considering resigning
from the program entirely because we do not feel this
situation has been handled professionally or with
consideration for Anna's feelings or well-being. We
feel it is unfair for Anna to have this cloud of
uncertainty hanging over her school year. Also, we
feel that we have been left to handle this problem
ourselves with little regard from EF.
We will be leaving for a trip on September 21st and
Anna will have no place to stay during our absence.
This is unacceptable and we are at a loss as to what
to do about this unfortunate situation.
Please be advised that EF must find a permanent host
home for Anna no later than Tuesday, September 19th.

Thank you for your immediate action,
Norm and Pamela Bradley

9.5.07 01:54

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maris. (14.5.07 14:04)
ach schön, dass die auch mal merken, dass dein jahr scheiße läuft.

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